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Our Philosophy //

Today’s children are immersed in technology, both at home and at school. They show willingness and a capability to respond to the ever-increasing rate of technological change. From electronic games to computers and digital music devises, children are boldly trying out new technologies. As parents and educators we ask: How does this affect their lives and their learning?


There has been much written about the link between technology and student learning.


“Technology, coupled with project- and problem-based learning, can engage students as directors of their own learning and help students master 21st century skills.”


The use of technology has led to higher levels of student motivation, interest, and engagement. Technology gets students turned on and it gets them pulling together and working as a team much more effectively than anything else.”


“The power of technology integration lies in its constructivist outlook, its ability to engage students in critical thinking and become “intellectual partners” with technology.”

How is digiKidz™ working to uphold these ideas?


digiKidz™ has designed a course curriculum that acknowledges the link between technology and improved student learning. The camp curriculum promotes creative thinking and problem solving, and encourages the development of good cooperative and communication skills, while learning new technology. Course material corresponds to the current Ontario Information Technology curriculum and the new Media Studies strand in Language Arts.

The course is designed to be fun, engaging and interactive. It provides support for each child as they learn a variety of skills culminating in a group multi-media project.


To balance the sometimes overwhelming presence of technology in our children's lives, digiKidz is continuing to offer it's S.T.E.M. Activities program. We focus on critical thinking through offline mediums such as games and wood-working!

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