Digital Film & Stop Motion Animation //

Film Program Brief Summary: Are you interested in making your own movie or music video? Do you want to capture a 'chase scene' on film? In the digiKidz™ Digital Film-making & Stop Motion program, learn how to handle a camcorder & improve your filming techniques. Write an original storyboard and use computer software to create digital music and edit your movies.

Stop Motion Animation Brief Summary: In the digiKidz™ Stop Motion Animation program, you create your own animated movies using stop motion animation computer software. Use a selection of LEGO® bricks, play-dough and small toys. Add your favourite song or create a new digital soundtrack. Add zany voice-overs to complete the project.

Week Breakdown: The 5 day session in Film-making will offer campers instruction in both Film-making and Stop Motion Animation. Approximately 3-4 days will be spent on Digital Film-making projects- both pre and post production, and 1-2 days were will focused on Stop Motion Animation. This balance will depend on available time and the interests of the campers. 


Pre-requisites: In order to enroll in the digiKidz™ Digital Film & Stop Motion Animation, the camper must be between the ages of 8-14.