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   iStop Motion Software - Mac OSX

Here you can purchase BOINX - iStop Motion software from digiKidz™!


iStopMotion is entertaining for the whole family. Build a simple backdrop, roll out a character with playdough or dive into the family toy box and bring those favourite toys to life. All it takes for hours of fun is a camera, iStop Motion and your imagination!


iStopMotion Professional is an excellent choice for the professional animator. It allows artists to use multiple cameras & stores captured frames uncompressed, resulting in the highest resolution from your camera. Projects from iStop Motion Pro can be seamlessly exported to both Adobe Photoshop® and Final Cut® for further editing. This product is 'a must' for serious animators.


Kids and technology: a winning combination for teachers and students. Educators are well aware of the benefits of integrating digital technology with today's curriculum. Boinx iStopMotion software is currently used by Canadian educators in a variety of academic situations. It's a tool that both engages and motivates students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways, from creating animated short films to time lapse recordings in science classes.

digiKidz™ offers iStop Motion Software for Home, Educational and Professional use!

Please contact digiKidz™ at for current pricing of Boinx software in Canadian dollars.

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