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Advanced Lego Robotics //

Brief Summary: The digiKidz™ Advanced Lego Robotics program entails the following:

  • Building and programming their own, unique robot, paying particular attention to design requirements such as the use of gears and the footprint of the robot, and keeping in mind the principles of sound robot construction 

  • Competing on a FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL) challenge map, an internationally recognized standard in robotics competitions

  • Learning advanced programming techniques such as custom blocks and switches. 

  • Honing essential life skills including; the ability to work in a team, advanced problem solving, as well as, precision and creativity.


Pre-requisites: In order to be eligible to take Advanced Lego Robotics you must have completed at least one week of the digiKidz™  Lego Robotics course.

Haven't Taken Lego Robotics?
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